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The Sanders Firm, P.C.: Criminal Law Defenses

When someone is charged with a crime and they ask The Sanders Firm, P.C. to represent them, one of the things we often do is review possible criminal law defenses that may be available to them. In criminal law, there are specific defenses that may be used to negate someone’s culpability in a criminal incident. Often these defenses are used when it is readily evident that the person charged with a crime was involved in the incident but they did not commit a crime or that perhaps originally there had been criminal intent on their part but that intent was abandoned. In using such defenses, we are not making an excuse for the defendant; we are rather, arguing their innocence based on the specific defense.

Defenses in Criminal Law

In this section on criminal law and defenses, The Sanders Firm, P.C. will consider six defenses that may be used. They are:

  • Infancy
  • Justification
  • Duress
  • Entrapment
  • Renunciation
  • Mental Disease or Defect

Each of these will be discussed in terms of what conditions would warrant such a defense and how the defense may be applied.

Does it Make Sense?

In order for a defense in a criminal case to be successful, it must make sense. The mere application of a legal defense is not enough to warrant an acquittal. Thus, it is important that in utilizing one of the defenses listed above that a defense lawyer properly assess the defendant’s situation and their relationship to the charges and the crime. For it to work, a defense must be supported by facts, and its application must be clearly understood by the jury.

Understanding Your Case

At The Sanders Firm, P.C. we know that in order to offer a solid defense, we must first know your case inside out, understanding the charges, the evidence, and the specific situation, including the parties involved. That is why we provide each client with personalized service, focusing in detail on his or her case. We review all evidence and conduct a thorough investigation in order to determine what will be the best defense for each of our clients. We know that you are entrusting us with protecting your rights, ensuring you receive due process, and defending you in the best manner possible.

If You Need Assistance

If you have been charged with a crime and require legal representation, call The Sanders Firm, P.C., in New York. We will discuss your case with you, evaluating the charges and your situation, and set to work to develop a grounded defense based on the facts.

Criminal law is a highly complex and complicated area that requires attention to detail and the desire to work tirelessly on the behalf of the defendant. We believe that everyone deserves a fair trial, and we understand that as a criminal defendant it feels as if you have a mountain to climb in order to win acquittal. We will climb that mountain with you. The Sanders Firm, P.C. will be your voice for justice in the criminal law system.

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