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The Sanders Firm, P.C.: Kidnapping, Coercion and Related Offenses

In New York City, The Sanders Firm offers legal services to those who have been charged with kidnapping, coercion and related offenses under Article 135 New York State Penal Law. There are 15 different offenses against the person covered in this article and many of them are felonies. The most serious charge is kidnapping in the first degree, which is a Class A-1 Felony. As with other crimes that involve offenses against the person, the crimes under Article 135 deprive victims of basic rights and liberties.

Kidnapping, Coercion and Related Offenses

The various offenses listed in the article include kidnapping in the first degree (class A-1 Felony), labor trafficking in the first degree (class D Felony), unlawful imprisonment in the first degree (class E Felony), and coercion in the first degree (class D Felony). All of these crimes are also listed in the second degree. Second degree crimes although serious are considered less serious than those in the first degree. First degree crimes in Article 135 usually involve actions that force victims to engage in activities that they normally would not, such as felonies or sexual situations, or they involve a greater likelihood or degree of violence and harm to the victim.

Kidnapping involves taking control of someone and restraining him or her without his or her consent. The person who is kidnapped is being taken away against their will. Kidnapping is the act of taking someone against their will and transporting them to a location, while unlawful imprisonment involves restraining someone and keeping them confined. Coercion utilizes force, physical and/or psychological, and is dedicated to making someone engage in an action that they normally would not or to which they object.

Defense for Kidnapping and Unlawful Imprisonment

Neither kidnapping nor unlawful imprisonment are considered crimes if the following criteria apply- the person being kidnapped or imprisoned is under the age of 16, the person engaging in the act is a relative of the child, and the act was undertaken in order to assume control of the child.

If You Are Charged

If you are charged under Article 135 New York State Penal Law kidnapping, coercion and related offenses, you require legal representation. Such criminal charges are serious and those who have been arrested need to protect their rights in every way possible. A criminal defense lawyer who knows the laws of New York State, understands, and has experience in the judicial system can give a defendant a major advantage.

Get Help Today

If you have been charged with a criminal offense such as kidnapping, coercion or unlawful imprisonment or any other crime under Article 135, contact The Sanders Firm, P.C. and we will become immediately available to you. That lawyer will be with you when you are questioned by law enforcement, will work diligently to understand every aspect of your case, and will collaborate with you in devising the best defense possible. The Sanders Firm, P.C. is dedicated to making sure that every one of their clients receives a fair trial and has the opportunity to get the best judgment possible. We are your voice for justice.

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