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The Sanders Firm, P.C.: SDP and School Settings

We have found at The Sanders Firm, P.C. that at times our New York clients do not always clearly understand their rights in terms of substantive due process (SDP) and school settings. Our rights in school settings that are associated with the government, such as public schools, state colleges, and private schools that receive government money, are guaranteed. That means that schools cannot violate SDP in relationship to employees and students.

SDP and Your Rights

Rights linked to due process as outlined in the Fifth Amendment and to Equal Protection Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment constitute much of the legal background for the basic ideas governing substantive due process. The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, protect various freedoms and aspects related to SDP, while courts consider cases in relationship to liberty and the need to ensure that our liberties stay intact. Within a school setting, these protections are in effect, the United States Constitution protects employees’ and students SDP rights.

Has There Been a Violation?

Your civil rights have been violated in a school setting if in some way your basic freedoms have been compromised. SDP is concerned primarily with liberty and equal protection of such. Violations can occur in numerous ways, and may include rules that compromise freedom of speech, regulations related to religion, and decisions to penalize someone that are based on a person exercising their basic rights. As with any type of business, school settings require rules to maintain order and ensure that the proper environment exists for an education, those rules cannot deprive anyone of their fundamental liberties as outlined in the Constitution and upheld by U.S. history and traditions.

If you feel that your rights in relationship to basic freedoms and SDP have been infringed upon and you have no recourse, it is essential that you find someone who can help you deal with your situation, offering you advice and devising a clear path towards righting the wrong and attaining justice. Issues related to substantive due process are complex and often involve various areas of the law, important prior legal cases, and a complete knowledge of legal procedure.

Taking Action

If your SDP was violated in a school setting, it is important to contact The Sanders Firm, P.C. in NYC as soon as possible. We will speak with you about your situation, carefully analyze it, and offer you solid information regarding your next steps. We care deeply about upholding your right to substantive due process in a school setting and ensuring that you receive the full benefit of their knowledgeable and experience and the right judgment under the law. Contact The Sanders Firm, P.C. We are your voice for justice in the New York City area.

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