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The Sanders Firm, P.C.: SDP and Sexual Assault

Rights related to substantive due process (SDP) in sexual assault cases are a major concern for the Sanders Firm, P.C. Our practice in New York City is involved in defending individual rights in this highly sensitive and explosive area of the law. SDP in connection to sexual assault includes the rights of victims, the rights of the accused and other areas, such as our civil rights related to law enforcement practices and custodial injuries. Our right to SDP is protected by the first ten amendments to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Fourteenth Amendment, which offers each of us equal protection of the law.

Sexual Assault Victim’s Rights

It is essential that in sexual assault cases and complaints, including those involving adults or children, that the SDP rights of the victim be preserved. This includes handling the complaint regarding the sexual assault in accordance with all protections afforded by the law. SDP includes your right to privacy in regards to the situation and rights concerning law enforcement practices. In the case of children being sexually assaulted, ensuring rights are protected, especially if a parent has been accused of assault, can be especially challenging. Simultaneously, to ensure a sexual assault case proceeds accordingly and justice is realized, the civil rights of the accused must also be preserved.

Accused and SDP

At the Sanders Firm, P.C., we focus on defending the civil rights of all. The rights of the accused in a sexual assault are important for two reasons- at the point of accusation, the suspect is just that a suspect and is not legally considered to be guilty, and also it’s imperative that rights connected to SDP be preserved so that the outcome of the case, no matter what that may be, is seen as being fair and above reproach. For those accused of sexual assault it is essential that SDP be upheld in various areas that include state of mind, custodial injuries, and law enforcement practices. Preserving the rights of the accused also preserves the rights of the victim.

Considering Your Situation

If you’re a victim of sexual assault, if your child is a victim, or if you have been accused of sexual assault it is important that your civil rights in connection with SDP be preserved. SDP relates to our basic liberties, freedoms, and rights, and it is an essential part of our democracy. In what can be a highly emotional, complex, and devastating situation such as sexual assault maintaining the civil rights of all is paramount.

Help is Here

If you feel your civil rights in relationship to substantive due process have been violated or if you have questions regarding any aspect of this issue, call the Sanders Firm, P.C. We’ll help put your case in perspective and aid you in determining the best route for you.The Sanders Firm, P.C. is New York City’s premiere civil rights practice. We are your voice for justice in SDP cases involving sexual assault.

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